Enriching the World with New Voices and Perspectives

Stepladder Press is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which has one of the largest writing communities in the country. The Twin Cities offer a vibrant environment for writers of all genres—fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, magazine and research.

We seek to nourish that environment through support, encouragement, and resources.

We are a small independent press working in part to help new writers publish for the first time. Our goal is to enrich the world with new voices and perspectives. We do this by utilizing a team of freelance writing and publishing professionals who are geared toward one goal—helping the writer produce a quality product.

We also work with previously-published writers who desire an alternative publishing platform. Many of these writers have had a less than positive experience with traditional publishers.

The publishing world is changing at light speed. We seek to be at the front, rather than the end, of that curve. Consequently, we employ innovative techniques in the way we approach each work. The secret is flexibility; each writer and his or her work are treated individually. We reject cookie-cutting and anything else that seeks to apply a “one size fits all” approach to publishing.

We also work with emerging writers by helping to shape their work before it reaches the publishing stage. Whether it’s to brainstorm about ideas or themes or help with substance editing, Stepladder Press seeks to be “the” key resource.

Contact us at Stepladderpress@gmail.com for more information.