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Getting to Ellen to be Published February 28!

Stepladder Press is excited to announce the February 28, 2013 publication date for Ellen (Ellie) Krug’s memoir, Getting to Ellen: A Memoir about Love, Honesty and Gender Change.

Ellie Krug writes for two Midwestern publications, including Lavender Magazine. Since 2010, more than 50,000 of her words have appeared in print.

Getting to Ellen tells the story of Ellie’s start in life as a boy named Ed, who grew up in an alcoholic household in New Jersey, and then later, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. When he was fifteen, Ed fell in love with Lydia, a kind and loving sixteen year old. Soul mates, Ed and Lydia planned out a life done right, a Grand Plan which eventually came to fruition—Ed’s successful career as a trial lawyer, a house in the best neighborhood, two beautiful and adoring daughters, and money in the bank.

One Christmas, Lydia surprised Ed with a pastel drawing of their daughters drawing in chalk, “Welcome Home Daddy!” The drawing was symbolic of Ed’s picture-perfect life.

All was perfect except for one thing: Ed lived in the wrong gender. For much of his life, he fought an internal battle “with bare knuckles in the mud” resisting an inner voice that told him he was actually female. Giving into that voice would mean losing everything that Ed loved, including Lydia.

Against this backdrop, Ed struggled with the legacy of Tom Terrific, his alcoholic father, who later committed suicide when Ed was an adult. Secrets revealed after Tom Terrific’s death, as well as the national tragedy of September 11, forced Ed to honestly understand who—and which gender—he really was.

Eventually, Ed transitioned to Ellen. Her transition was possible only through grit, determination and tremendous luck. Along the way, Ellen was helped by Thap, a friend since middle school, and Mark, Ellen’s brother. A therapist, Sam “the Hammer,” played a crucial role in helping Ellen to understand that above all else, loving yourself as who you truly are is key to finding inner peace.

Getting to Ellen helps remind us of the need to be authentic and true to one’s self, regardless of the costs. It is much more than a unique story about some things lost and others gained. Ellie’s memoir offers perspective on the life challenges that all of us—transgender or not—face.

Getting to Ellen: A Memoir about Love, Honesty and Gender Change will be available for order through, eBooks, and special order from your local bookstore. Pick up two copies—one for yourself and the other for someone you love.
Ellie Krug

Ellen (Ellie) Krug’s business card reads, “writer, lawyer, human.”

She is a graduate of Coe College and Boston College Law School. She is one of the few attorneys in the United States to try separate jury trials in separate genders.

Ellie is a freelance writer for several publications and frequent lecturer on the life lessons learned during her gender journey. She presently serves as the executive director of a Twin Cities-based nonprofit organization.

She is the parent of two adult children.

Getting to Ellen is her first book.


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